RNN Descriptions

I maintain a poorly trained, semi-wild recurrent neural network to act as inspiration for this artwork. This RNN has been fed descriptions of thousands of artworks and is then run through multiple output cycles and re-trained on its own output. Only the freshest, most absurd artifacts are kept for the next round of training. The result of this process is a neural network that will generate artwork descriptions that are interpreted here.

Additionally, Thorin Klosowski and I have an ongoing collaboration wherein he writes stories based on descriptions from the RNN and I sometimes interpret those into artwork. He has written an excellent FAQ that does a much better job of describing what this is and how it works here. And subscribe to the newsletter here!
# Name Epoch Artworks
301 children wearing a white striped straw bowl 1
302 hair, with large flippers and light roof 1
303 instruments in geometric bands at bottom 1
304 balding lacquer and photo of blossoms behind waterfall 1
305 swirling blue background 1
306 two small legs in a clock and hair and long pants in the background 1
307 bright chickens on a high bridge, and brass foliage 1
308 carved vertical safe at center 1
309 three small soldiers in leather prints 1
310 journal with texts and photogravures bound in grape and blue 1
311 portrait of a man with knees in front of house 1
312 four stone stripes on right background 1
313 shirtless men with long hair and fingers with black holes 1
314 thick woman's ears behind man in tan 1
315 flowers, sheets and animals surrounded by hair pin and large rocks 1
316 silver satyrs shaped into small birds 1
317 man wears just a hand and long shoulders 1
318 standing male feeding rocks at right leaning against pine tree 1
319 structures and torso 1
320 saucer-shaped figure with rounded bottom 1
321 black portrait of a walking female figure 1
322 three women sitting on a chest 1
323 man at left has body with sheet, and tree stone 1
324 three rows of the bars visible towards edges of a cloud pattern 1
325 Beaver boat in water behind book 1
326 room with turquoise hanging men at center 1
327 bust of correction, cluster of browns surrounded by a dragon 1
328 standing man with child with pink hair, beard, looking down 1
329 printed diamonds at door clasp each body with leafless tree 1
330 two young men holding a radio, flying, with shiny glass 1
331 water with figure reflecting with lights and trees at left 1
332 fronds below mountain path in background 1
333 banded bands and milky foot beneath head 1
334 sphere behind figures at left 1 1
335 winged figure with healing beard 1
336 monkey drilling under woman's head 1
337 frogs near riverbase, drawn around body 1
338 animal doorway at right 1
339 lid is a sweaty figure of man in branch at top, looking up at six short bearded cooks 1
340 Gold carriage and beaded castle of blue and white 1
341 nude figure at left in a large garden jacket with white arms 1
342 shallow detail of bulbous stalks of bamboo baby in blue 1
343 silhouette of two figures facing the water 1
344 peacock with visible hair 1
345 asymmetrical image of spectators on table jumping 1 1
346 man with body on back 1
347 woman seated in lake, lower left corner, her animal holds the soldiers at left 1
348 sixteen standing bearded men wear gold turtles with elaborate rocks 1
349 eight decorations of birds and farmers with women peeling trees at right 1
350 chicken at top center 1
351 woman wears twelve stylized buildings 1
352 breaking head and orange slipcase with other men on front of chest 1
353 boats at top center with seated miner and beard 1
354 a round grape in sky 1
355 person seated, one wearing design on head 1
356 fringed areas of tubular birds 1
357 figure with right foot on platform exposes a strip below banner 1
358 bridge in background and mountain peaks at ends 1
359 Brown and gold rough form at bottom center 1
360 male figure with some pine trees, lower left quadrant 1
361 six little boys on shore at center with flowers around neck 1
362 castle and two buildings with daughters 1
363 two figures on purple and blue tube 1
364 dark head covered with figures 1
365 center soldier seated with thick swords and the five pendants 1
366 girl in middle ground with large bands of tiny accordions 1
367 figure holds painted pants at stone window 1
368 close-up of three stone bodies 1
369 curved castle at center 1
370 hair in a bag with mirror of faded blue radiating mesh 1
371 Motifs of three stone legs, standing on a green horse 1
372 tiny abstract figures on raised spear tapered 1
373 man wears red and black brocade 1
374 Figure with two twigs on top of shoulder 1
375 pink sky and two men standing on water 1
376 rust-colored eagle and tiger pattern 1
377 triangular shaped feathers gathered at the forehead of man 1
378 cat with bent wings in lower left corner 1
379 standing woman holding her rectangular eye in left hand 1
380 large hut executed in blue, covered with leaves and faces with geometric patterns 1
381 snake at top 1
382 man wears cloak at lower right corner 1
383 dagger mask with three sides of painted dots 1
384 small sailboat with flowers in black and white 1
385 three nude figures with standing man wearing a scallop 1
386 front man has received waves 1
387 orange dragon person extends pendant to figure seated on bridge at left 1
388 standing male figure with flowers upraised 1
389 circular shells at right with bearded man standing on a lady holding a white element 1
390 metal mouth in wood landscape 1
391 bare tree at left and green areas around waterfall 1
392 portrait of a man with small rocks at center 1
393 wings carved for the large woman in foreground 1
394 owl points at abstracted star shape with delicate trim 1
395 seated hair in background 1
396 rolling glasses of gold with tall silver trees and bridges 1
397 girl wears crown and sand depicts path to tall bluff in background 1
398 landscape with nose, torso and underside 1
399 small boats between the carved train 1
400 group of women walks and a catches drips 1